This one-to-one The Lace Repair Masterclass is the first of its kind in the UK to show you how to repair lace closures, frontals and wigs from start to finish. All equipment is provided and each attendee will be given a Repair Kit to keep. (Feel free to bring a thinning and or torn closure, frontal or wig to the masterclass so you can get stuck in straight away if you wish). 


Now, there is absolutely no point of investing in a new skill if you cannot use it straight away right? So this workshop will be 90% practical based to ensure you leave knowing exactly how to prepare, repair and reinstall individual strands of hair to lace closures, frontals and wigs. You will also receive a Business Growth Strategy that will show you how to turn only 16 hours of repair work into £1,000. 


The Lace Repair Masterclass

  • During this one-day masterclass, you will learn: 


    - How to use the Repair Kit

    - How to prepare and repair lace rips and holes

    - Individual strand knotting techniques (Hair ventilation)

    - Customised hairline mould creation for frontals and wigs

    - Business Growth Strategy: Learn how to turn 16 hours of repair work into £1,000.


    After this masterclass, you will leave with: 


    - A complete Repair Kit (Kit includes: Magnifying glasses set with 4 different strength lenses, light and dark translucent fibre, flat head pins, four different size needle hooks, needle holder, swan neck and lace)

    - The skills needed to repair lace closures, frontal and wigs- Your own step-by-step business growth plan and recommended pricing strategy;

    - Certificate of Achievement 



    - This masterclass is open to all and you do not have to be a qualified hair stylist to attend;

    - If you would like to pay in installments, please email:



All wigs and frontals sent to us for repair, MUST include a completed Lace Repair Form.

Please click the PDF Link to download, print and send in with your repair. We are unable

to repair/return frontals/wigs without this completed form.