How To Maintain HI Curly Hair

1. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to style

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle your HI curly hair starting at the ends and work your way up towards the roots. You can also use your fingers or a paddle brush in the same way to avoid over pulling the hair which can eventually loosen the strands from the weft or lace.

2. The wet look

To achieve the super popular wet look, mix equal amounts of conditioner and water together in a spray bottle. Spray the hair until damp and run your fingers through your extensions until evenly distributed. Re-apply the mixture as and when needed to maintain the desired look.

3. Keep your HI curly hair clean

As a lot more product is often used to achieve the "wet-look", you will need to wash your hair more often. Product build up and sweat will cause curly hair to tangle after a while so we recommend washing your hair on a weekly basis in cool or lukewarm water. To wash, simply fill up the sink and dip the hair in and out of the water, using your fingers to work the shampoo and conditioner through the hair until clean. Do not rub, scrunch or twist the hair while washing. 

3. Air-dry your HI Curly hair

Pat any excess water off of your washed hair and hang in a well-ventilated area until completely dry. Do not use a blowdryer or any other air generating tools as this will cause HI curly hair to tangle and can spoil the curl pattern over time.

4. Avoid using heat styling on your hair

In addition to not using cool air appliances, avoid using heat to straighten or curl your HI Curly hair as this can cause permanent damage to the curl pattern of your hair extensions. If you want a hair texture that you can straighten from time to time, we recommend using the HI wavy collection.

5. Wrap your hair extensions in a silk scarf

To avoid your HI Curly hair matting while you sleep, wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night. Ensure you comb through your hair extensions with a wide tooth comb first and twist into big sections as this will help you to avoid split ends and causing irreversible damage to your hair over time.  

6. Treat your HI Curly hair like your own hair

To keep your hair extensions in good condition, treat them like your own hair. It may sound silly, however we only use the purest virgin hair sourced from the healthiest donors in South East Asia, so just like your own hair, HI extensions need looking after. By following steps 1-5 your hair will not only preform better but last longer.

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