Can You Swim With Hair Extensions?

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

A question we often get asked a lot and there is a lot of confusion about.

The answer in short is yes, BUT!!! If you want to be able to use them again you will need to do a few things following your swim. Be warned the process can take a little time so if you are anything like me, get yourself a “pool wig” gurl! That way you can switch into a dry wig while treating the wet one, to cut out the waiting time.

First of all it is important to point out that although sea water and pool water are completely different, the same method can be used to care for your hair after a swimming session in either. Salt water and the chlorine in pool water dry out the hair causing it to tangle instantly if left untreated.

The following steps will help to prevent this...

1. After swimming avoid ruffling the hair with a towel, soak up any excess water by squeezing the hair into the towel instead.

2. Rinse the hair out with clean water straight away.

3. Apply a moisturising conditioner, and comb through using your fingers

4. Rinse and repeat step 3

5. Allow to air dry before styling.

"The answer in short is yes, BUT!!! will need to do a few things following your swim"

We hope that helps and if not, do let us know your specific concerns so we can answer them for you.

With love, Jen Scott x

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