This is great for women who want to add a bit of length to their natural hair. Stylists will leave out a small section of their clients hair and sew-in matching bundles to cover up/ protect the rest. We recommend changing the leave out section and parting regularly to avoid breakage.


A popular fave among celebs for the versatility braids allow and the super low maintenance required. A great way to let the natural hair breathe, without having to touch or style it everyday. Many celebs opt for braids on holiday to give their hair the ultimate break from all the usual styling they go through.


Probably the most popular protective style for obvious reasons but more importantly for he fact that you can change your look in an instant. Celebs can be known for changing styles multiple times a day, going from short to long or light to dark on set. Celebrity Hairstylists often pre-style a few different wigs so that clients can easily switch between looks without having to play around too much with their natural hair.


Great for women with natural afro hair as an in-between style. This quick and easy alternative to braids gives women the option to create something that stands out really quickly. We would not recommend this as a long term protective style option as it does not last long and may need re-doing every day or so.

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