Can I Sleep With My Hair Extensions?

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

In short the answer is yes! But we recommend you follow these simple steps to ensure they last as long a possible.

Long Hair Extensions At Night

The best way to wear long hair extensions at night, is to secure them in a braid and wear a silk or satin head scarf. Not only does securing your hair extensions in a braid keep them nice and tidy, it also prevents the hair extensions from becoming caught, pulling or rubbing too much against your pillow. When securing your hair out of the way, it is important to try to use a snag free hair band such as an anti-tension extension bobble. Many hair bands have a metal clamp which is used to hold the band together, however this can snag on your hair causing breakage or making it difficult to remove the band.

Short Hair Extensions At Night

If you have shorter hair extensions, sometimes a braid is not possible, especially if you have only had the hair extensions to add thickness and not much length. In these instances simply wearing a silk or satin head scarf will be enough to keep your hair out of the way whilst you are sleeping.

Never Sleep With Your Hair Extensions Wet

One of the key rules for hair extension wearers of any kind, is that you must under no circumstances sleep with your hair extensions wet or damp. Damp or wet hair extensions promote tangles and in worst case scenarios cause matting, therefore before you sleep and tie your hair back you must make sure your hair extensions are 100% dry. If your hair is not dry, you must use a hairdryer to remove the excess moisture. Although it may become tempting from time to time to leave your hair damp, just one night of leaving your hair in this way can cause problems which are not impossible to fix, but may cost you time and money.

Sleeping On A Satin Pillowcase When You Have Hair Extensions

In addition to securing your hair extensions and making sure they are dry, we also recommend, sleeping in a satin pillowcase, which will help prevent matting because of the smooth surface which promotes less friction.

By following these simple steps when preparing your hair for bed, your hair extensions will be easy to manage in the morning and will stay in a healthy condition the entire time you are wearing them.