Use this guide to decide whether your own hairline will be suitable for our wig collection. The white dotted line indicates where the front of the wig should sit on your head. If you have one of the different hairline types demonstrated above, the blue line indicates how visible your natural hairline will be underneath the unit. 


Some people may choose to blend their own visible baby hairs into the unit for a more natural look. if you are unsure however, please contact us before finalising your purchase.  Scroll down for more information on how to cut the lace on your unit once it arrives. 




In order for your Bespoke Hairline unit to look as it has been advertised you need to completely remove all the excess lace at the front of your unit. Cut along the hairline from ear to ear in a straight line. Attempting to cut around a widows peak or protruding temple hair, will result in the lace flapping at the front of the unit. Remember to ONLY cut your lace once you are sure you want to keep your new wig. We are unable to accept returns if wig have been cut or tampered with in anyway.